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Anje McLish LPC

Therapy can help!

You deserve support through life's challenges while finding and expressing your true self

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Pennsylvania Practice

Retrograde Therapy Space is a therapy practice that offers virtual services to clients across Pennsylvania and Delaware. Here, RTS is committed to helping Millennials and Gen Z develop skills in recognizing their relational needs, communicating those needs to others, and surrounding themselves with those that participate in cultivating their joy and authenticity. The practice brings compassion and understanding into the therapy room, and support for life's curveballs. 

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Telehealth Appointments

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Accepting New Clients


Let me guess...

You want to unlearn anxious and avoidance patterns keeping you “stuck”

You're exploring who you are outside of people pleasing and codependency

You find yourself dating the same type of person over and over

You want to assert your needs in and out the bedroom

You want to deepen your relationships with others

About ya girl

I'm Anjé McLish, LPC, KIC, CNM (she/her), a Black queer licensed therapist,  kink-informed certified, and consensual non-monogamy certified. I encourage young adults and millennials to live the genuine life they desire, and connect authentically in all aspects of their relationships and in their sex lives. Together we'll work on establishing and maintaining better boundaries, lessening people pleasing and enmeshed relationships, and confidently giving voice to your relational and sexual needs.

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A planetary retrograde is when a planet appears to move backwards. Similarly, our lives aren't always linear and we encounter moments of backward motion. Retrograde Therapy Space is here to release the urgency for immediate change through intentional practice of pause and reflection, and unearth the patterns that keep you stuck by connecting to yourself again.

Pause. Reflect. Connect

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