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Foster healthy and resilient consensual non-monogamous relationships

Non-Monogamy Therapy

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When starting to explore non-monogamy, there can be a lot of questions, comments, and concerns that come up. How will jealousy be handled? How will others view me/us? Can other partners be found and be on the same page? Can I get my needs met AND my partner(s)? Consensual non-monogamy therapy services are designed to assist individuals and couples who are in, or seeking to be in, non-monogamous relationships.

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Non-monogamy therapy can help individuals and couples who wish to navigate their emotional and physical needs, and to build a stronger, healthier connection with their partners. At the same time, it can help to ensure that all parties involved in the relationship are respected and have their needs taken into account. I seek to promote a positive view of designer relationships, and help to challenge messages absorbed from compulsory monogamy culture.

Cultivate Designer Relationships

Together we’ll collaborate on how to cultivate healthy flexible designer relationships. We can explore different types of non-monogamy that fit your needs, finding partners, negotiating boundaries between partners, communicating and establishing relationship expectations, time/emotional commitment, and even ending relationships. You will have space to navigate your emotional and physical needs in order to build a stronger, healthier connection with yourself and with partners.

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